FIN Jewelry Designs specialize in helping jewelry enthusiasts looking for engagement and wedding bands with refined high-end style.

If you really enjoy our custom unique designs, you will also enjoy seeing your stones and place settings at every stage of the process.

At FIN Jewelry Designs, we promise to enhance our clients’ experience. So if you are looking for something completely original, we can definitely help you.

  • Cyril E. “Mark” Williams has owned and operated two businesses in the United States, a gold and diamond mining company in Guyana and a company that provided jewelry consulting and sub-contracting for industry retailers in New York. He has years of experience in jewelry manufacturing, precious stones, and metals and how they are created, produced, and recovered. Marks is also a master craftsman and has experience in all areas of jewelry design for decades.
  • He started his career at 16 years old and quickly developed a love and passion for the craft. Upon his migration to The United States in 1993, his curiosity and fascination grew when he got to experience the utilization of technology in the art of jewelry making.
  • Mark has engulfed himself in the artistry, which helped propel him as one of the best casters in the New York Diamond District because he is coming from a lineage of goldsmiths dating back 4 generations by way of British Guyana. Starting FIN Jewelry is now a family-owned business working together with the next generation of artists!
  • FIN Jewelry Designs’ culture supports all backgrounds, genders, ethnicity, sexuality, and our commitment to inclusion and non-discrimination, which is reflected in our logo. Our belief is Love is Love.
  • I feel strongly that you need to add your culture to your About US page. It defines who you are…it tells why you are different. I bulleted the points just to break it up. not for the website.

Mission and Vision

FIN Jewelry Design’s mission is to give the gift of memories because LOVE is LOVE. Bringing together artistry and technology for everyone to feel good by crafting one unique and exquisite piece at a time.

Our vision is to make a difference and better shape the world for our future generations with the feeling of love.